Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Innocence of Children

On Spring Break of 2005, McDreamy and I went to spend a few days with his oldest son. Normally, we stayed in a local motel because there just wasn't enough room at their house. But this trip was going to be special. They had just built a new home and now there was room. We were very excited. We could help with baths, night time rituals, etc. They were 2 year old alarm clocks. It was great, until...the morning after our arrival.

The human alarm clock, Poohsie, came calling at 6:30 in the morning. That would be fine if we were back in Oklahoma, but we were in Colorado where the time is an hour earlier. I began my altered morning ritual. Trying to go to the bathroom alone being the first on my list. When I achieved my first task, I almost screamed! I had been attacked!!! I wondered why I was itching most of the night. I had been bitten at least a hundred times. By what? I am not sure. We are guessing it was fleas. McDreamy, in the same bed all night long, did not get one single bite. How can that be?

I was so embarrassed, but I felt I had to say something. So, I went to Em and told her, and then showed her as well. She gasped! The bites were everywhere. All around my panty line, the backs of my knees, my ankles, my belly was awful. We found some itch cream, and back to the bathroom I went.

We were all to go to town that afternoon. I thought I would go ahead and apply some more itch cream before we got into public and things became unbearable. I was sitting on the couch applying the cream to my ankles and shins when Poohsie wanted to play doctor. He wanted to apply the itch cream. Nothing wrong with that. He loves his Grandma and wants to help. Awww, how sweet.

I had not thought about the fact that I was unable to shave that morning due to the severity of the bites. (I really do shave...I just realized this is the second post about hairy legs.) I helped him get a little cream on his little fingers and he reached out and rubbed the cream on a couple of bites. He looked up at me with a really sad look on his face and said..."You've got splinters."

For the next two minutes nothing itched. We laughed and laughed! Then I had to explain why I had "splinters." I will never have hairy legs again...just splinters.


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