Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mortifying Moment 2

Yesterday I traveled almost 3 hours to my hometown. For a hair appointment. It went great - love my new cut. Then we received a call that my Grandparents were coming and would be there at dinner time. So Mom and I rushed around trying to get everything done that we had planned before they got there. We did it! What a day - I was feeling great!!!


We got to the restaurant to meet my Grandparents. The Cracker Barrel. We walked in. I looked up and saw a lady that looked vaguely familiar. Apparently I looked very familiar to her. She yelled out, "Is this my Second Grader?" Not just once. Twice. It was dinner time. The waiting area/store was pretty full! I had more people looking at me than I could count. I do not like being the center of attention, especially with people I do not know.

Here she came. Mrs. Tomlinson. Second grade teacher obviously. Apparently I have the same "little 2nd grade face" and I am just "beautiful." This lady does not speak softly. She is screeching everything she says. That voice was so annoying in the second grade and it just keeps getting worse!

I stood there with a smile on my face. For at least 10 minutes. It seemed like an hour. This is the second time I have seen her in a year. Lucky me! The last time she met McDreamy, was told all about my life as a student, where I live, if I have kids, etc. So what happened this time. I had to tell her everything all over again. Except this time the kid thing went a little further. After asking how long I had been married, 14 years, she said that that was fine. Her son and his wife waited 7 years. And "waiting is fine if you want children." My reply, "I don't." I have 2 step-sons that I love very much, one of them has twins and I love them very much, the other son has one on the way. I do not want kids of my own. If you think that makes me a bad person, then...see ya! I did not tell her all of that. But I wanted to.

After telling her my life story all over again I thought the conversation would be over. No! Since we did not ask her about her life, she started offering information. I don't really remember most of what she was saying. Except for the part about her volunteering at the same school she taught me. She reads to 1st graders. She wants to teach them manners and literature. I wish I could put in here exactly how she says literature. It is most annoying. I think this lady is nuts! She asked me if I remembered her reading poems to us, and of course stories. But she is reading the children the classics. And then she recites part of some poem about a calico cat or something, and asks me if I remember it. Okay...I lied. I said yes. But how else was I supposed to get her to shut up? It didn't work.

Finally, after being re-introduced to her husband. Then my Grandad bringing up my health issues. Their table was ready!! Hallelujah!

We got our table. I am in the middle of a bite, chewing and all. She walks up to me and asks me if I have a card. HELLO?!?!? I just told her I was a student. Do all students carry a card? What the? So I told her no, but as soon as I did I would get one to her. She said, oh I have something with my address on it. Please drop me a line. (Who says that anymore?) Email...hello! She gave me her deposit slip.

So am I expected to write her? I mean really. I never liked this lady. I was taught not to hate anyone, but it was really close. In the second grade, during recess when I wanted to be playing with MY friends, she was making me play with the Special Ed kids. Well, I did what she said because she was the adult. And she went to our church, was friends with my Grandparents, or so I thought, and I would get in trouble at home if I didn't do what she said. So I did it. I couldn't stand her for that reason. I didn't even like recess during the second grade because of her.

Now she wants me to write her. Why does this lady keep popping up wherever I eat back home? I think I will write her. I will send her a graduation announcement in December!!! And thank her for her inspiration!!! LOL


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