Saturday, July 29, 2006

Adventures with Granny - Shopping

I LOVE shopping!!! and I HATE shopping!!

Okay, so I have a love/hate thing here!! I love shopping and getting new things. I hate spending the money.

It never fails. When I go shopping with my Granny we always find good deals. Thursday - we found a Half (50%) off sale on shoes. All brands! I got a pair of Merrells - too cute! Oh and the Born sandals were too cute as well! I only got two pair of shoes at that store. Granny got three. She found some even cuter Merrells. A pair of Sketchers that zip up the top. My arch is so blamed high I couldn't get the zipper up. They are cute too. Then she got some little red heels that are slides. Really really cute!

Well, then we hit Wall's. She had to return some pants that she had gotten for my Grandad. Apparently they were sized wrong. When she got them home and he tried them on they were so big two people could fit in just one of the legs. Sorry - getting off topic. At Wall's I found another pair of shoes. Again, Half off! Granny was a dear and got those for me. She didn't find anything to fit there.

Then we went to the Fashion Corner. This is all in Elk City. This is where all the damage was done! They were having a large sale - 60% off. Most of the stuff did not have price tags on them. That sent a red flag flying! I have always felt that if it doesn't have a price on it - it must be too expensive for me. Or if you have to ask, you can't afford it. Well, that held true Thursday.

My list of goodies - without the tag:
David Kahn jeans - (not on sale) but I bargained a little (very hard thing for me to do, but I did it) McDreamy would be proud.

Foreign Policy outfit - tank, vest and capri's. Just so you know - this brand runs very small. I think brands should intentionally not run small but maybe big. That way you don't feel like a lard a$$ when you don't fit into your size.

Telluride Clothing Co. tank (the least expensive thing bought that day).

Bentley. a - jean skirt

White linen skirt - can't remember the brand and am too lazy to go to my closet and get it. The same goes for the remainder of the list.

Dressier white tank (sweater like)

This list does not include everything I found at J Jill's earlier in the week.

Oh! I can't forget - THE BELT! I hadn't ever heard of the brand Streets Ahead. The owner of the shop couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it. Oh well. This belt looked so cute on!!! (Again, no price to be found.) It was 40% off, but when she saw my face after naming the price she gave us 50% off. This is the only price I will put on here. And it is only because I didn't pay for it. I wouldn't have paid for it. I couldn't have paid for it. McD would have killed me. Granny paid $102 for my belt. I will let you all do the math to get the original price. Just my belt. I am starting to get a headache just thinking about all the money we spent that day.

I did make myself sick that night. I get that from my Mom I think. If I were working and contributing to our finances I would feel better about spending hundreds of dollars on myself. But right now it makes me sick. We spent so much money there that the owner gave me her card. And since I live 3+ hours away from there, she gave me her cell phone number so she can open the store for me when I come back down if it happens to be after hours or on a Sunday.

Now you know why I didn't post anything yesterday. I was still recovering.


Blogger Pioneer Woman said...

Dang, Julie! You cleaned up! You know it's bad when the owner of the store offers to open up just for you on Sunday.

My sis and I are starting a business in a couple of months, so for the past few months I haven't spent a dime. I think the camera was my last purchase. It's amazing how much stuff I *HAVEN'T* missed.

That makes you feel so much better, doesn't it? Ha!

7/29/2006 9:57 AM  
Blogger willowtree said...

I thought you may not have posted yesterday because McD saw all the crap you brought home and there was trouble on the ranch!

Foreign Policy outfit, does that come with a wig that looks like a german helmet? Condi's did.

7/29/2006 5:23 PM  

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