Monday, July 10, 2006

Class Reunions - Love 'em or Hate 'em

July 1st was McDreamy's 30th class reunion. We did not attend. Thank goodness!!! Instead we went to dinner with some of the people we do care about seeing. Big M and Peggy. They are great people! And then there was Big B and his wife Jackie. We had not met before, and McD had not seen Big B for 20 years. It was quite interesting.

Apparently the reunion itself was quite interesting. We started receiving phone calls about everything that went on. I am just so thankful that we did not go. There would have been problems I am afraid.

First of all, I think most of the women that graduated in his class are sluts or whores. We know for sure one is. We usually refer to her as the Beotch. This person, certainly not a lady, made comments about how Big M should be ousted as the class president because of his weight. Yes, Big M is big! No he is BIG! But he knows it and so does everyone else. Why in the world would you make fun of someone's weight - she went through weight struggles so she should know it can be hurtful to say things like that. Not all of us can afford a tummy tuck and boob job! Not all of us are that vain!!

You're so vain. You probably think this song is about you, don't you!? (I never understood that, because apparently the song is about them.)

Then another female went over to Big M and was running her fingers through his hair. Peggy said she did it for 10 minutes. Okay, I can't just sit there if some woman is running her fingers through my husbands hair. Well, McD doesn't have any hair and you know how tempting it is for some drunk women to rub a bald head. It is such a good thing we weren't there.

And finally, when the reunion was ending. The Beotch wrapped her arms around Big M, said what a wonderful time she had and then kissed him. Right after she bad mouthed him. And Peg was right there. I could not have been so nice.

Oh well! We decided we were not going to any more reunions. We will have our own get togethers with those that matter!


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