Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Creede, Colorado

Now that all the commotion with Babe is over, hopefully I can get back to blogging.

We just returned from Creede, Colorado. It is a neat little old mining town. The town itself is situated right between two mountains. I would've gotten pictures but we got busy doing other things. Imagine that.

We did not move P3. We are not really sure why, but they just didn't want to I guess. We played and played and played with Poohs and Punky. Poohs and I built castles while Punky was still sleeping. We even played on the new swingset (without the mulch). It was all fun.

The kids live out of town so anytime we would all go somewhere we had to take separate cars for all of us to fit. Poohs and Punky had to ride with us. So on our way to town we hear a very loud squeal. And then Poohs screams at the top of his lungs - "The United States of America Flag!!!" Okay, Creede must be a very patriotic town. I had not counted the American flags along the highway. Let me tell you. There. Are. A lot! And he screamed/squealed about each one. It was really cute. All we could do was laugh. Then at one point he told us that we live in the United States Flag. We explained we didn't really live in the flag.

Punky was full of drama this trip. She pitched fits everytime we turned around. I mean fits. Not just whinning and pouting. Screaming for Mommy (at the top of her lungs) and crying. Very Very Loudly. This might sound mean to some. But we usually just ignored her. Any time she wanted to do something she knew she wasn't supposed to do it was, Daddy lets me do it. She tried and tried. Then cried and cried. She just knew she could break us. Those big blue eyes didn't even do it.

One of the funniest - Daddy/Mommy lets me stories from Punky. The kids had a meeting at their house for their homeowners association so we took the kids to town to eat and play at the park, etc. On the way home it was already past their bedtime. We had told them that too.

So little Miss Punky says: "After we brush our teeth Mommy lets us stay up and watch a video."
I said, "Really?"
Punky: "Yes, so can we?"
Me: "Well, guess what. Your Mommy and Daddy are going to be home when we get there so we can just ask them."
Punky: "Oh."

She just knew she was going to get away with something. It was a classic!

We had a lot of fun! We will see them again in a few weeks when we meet in Colorado Springs to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.


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