Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hot Hot HOT

I am not talking about the weather here.

While in Surprise, AZ for MLB Spring Training I went to several games. I watched the minor league as well as major league games. Most of the time I was by myself. On the last day of our trip I took McD with me. I introduced him to Z (friends Dad that is on the KC Royals coaching staff - see More Baseball. And he was with me when I saw THE COP. (Mentioned in the More Baseball post.)

While watching the Royals and Cubs warming up I noticed a cop walking around down around the dugouts. I was sitting on the first row with my feet resting on the Cubs' dugout. The cop was very nice looking. I have a thing for bald headed guys. He was bald, tan (how can you not be tan in AZ) and built. I didn't pay any more attention to him because the game started and I was a baseball fan with a camera.

When Z called me to tell me he had my autographed George Brett baseball, he asked me to meet him at the Post Office there in Surprise. Not. A. Problem.

When I called and reserved a car from whatever rental place I used, I told them I wanted an SUV or a Jeep. I got an Outback. Okay, ewww! Now for those of you that have an Outback - God love ya and thanks for reading - but that is just not what I had in mind. (Oldest Step-son has one and they love it by the way.) It just wasn't cool enough for me to be taking to all the games. It is a little station wagon. Is it not? (I was just lucky the name of the rental place was not plastered all over the car!! Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man had that experience.)

So there I sit in my maroon Outback. Waiting for Z and my baseball. McDreamy is in the passenger seat. We were not sitting there two minutes when a cop car pulls in. I didn't think anything of it. Until I saw...THE HOT COP! And HE noticed me. Yes. I checked him out with McD sitting right there. What is even worse. I told McD just how HOT that cop was. I didn't mean to tell him, it just slipped out. (I still haven't lived that one down.)

The cop left the PO parking lot but in a couple of minutes he was back. He flew in the parking lot, turned the corner and almost came to a stop behind my beautiful Outback. I was grinning from ear to ear, trying not to laugh. McD said I was flirting. Maybe I was. But he was HOT! It wasn't like I was hiding anything from McD. We decided that he was probably taking down my license plate. Thank goodness! Now he will know it was just a rental!!! Finally, he was leaving. He smiled, and believe me it was a nice smile. I smiled. (I felt like a school girl.) He waved. I waved. And he was gone.

Now, he saw McD sitting in the passenger seat. He had to have thought he was my Dad. McD is 14 years older than me. He has a bald head (we keep it cut super short) and the little bit of hair left is white. So, yea, people have called him my Dad. That is just another ongoing joke. Kind of like me and the HOT cop.

Next year we are headed back to Phoenix. And I am going back to the ball games!!!


Blogger Cheeky said...

Sounds like you had a great time - and there is no harm in a little flirting now and then (hehe)

Oh and the Outback....ewwww

7/26/2006 9:53 AM  
Blogger willowtree said...

For the record, we prefer 'folicly challenged'. I keep mine (what there is of it) very short too, I once heard Bruce Willis describe it as the comb-over of the nineties.
As for telling McD the cop was hot, it's when you stop telling him that he should be concerned.
one more thing before my hands seize up (I'm 4 years older than McD so I tend to creak a bit), the other day I left a comment that just didn't look right, but being lazy I didn't try to figure out why. What I mean to say was - Did you hear about the torture in the wigwam, the pain was in tents. boom boom.

7/26/2006 6:50 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Check out Karmyns blog -- she has a link to how hair affects your life. Whether you part in on the left or part in on the right.
I don't think it mentions anything about parting with it altogether!!

My hubby was a hot firefighter. I had a shirt made for him that a big firetruck on the back that looked like it was burning rubber....and on the front it said "Fireman are always in Heat."

8/17/2006 11:33 PM  

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