Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Morning After

Twisted. Tangled. Parachutes.

That is what our 3rd of July party was like. Food, friends, family, fun and fireworks!!

We had our family celebration a day early so everyone could be there. For the past 20 something years, my family has gone all out to celebrate the fourth! We always have a blast!! The fireworks were great - as always!

The morning after is when we find all the treasures from the night before. Better known as the Fall Out. There were probably 20 parachutes, and 1 with G.I. Joe. And lots and lots of tiny pieces of cardboard. I spent about 45 minutes on the roof picking up all the trash.

Last night, McD and I wanted to see just how many fireworks we could see. We have been told that the hill on our place is one of the highest in the county. So we went up the hill to count the fireworks shows. There were fireworks going off in 8 different areas. Some were bigger than others. But they were all very pretty! It was a very colorful night!

I think the prettiest were when the fireworks were going off and lightning was flashing right along side of it. It was really a very nice night!

Hope everyone had a very festive fourth!!


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