Thursday, August 31, 2006

You Asked - Round 4, Part 3

McD was a high school wrestling coach, not a teacher just a contract coach. He also coached the PeeWee wrestlers too. He started wrestling in the PeeWee's and finished his wrestling career in college. He was even a State Champion! Yes, I am proud! The boys wrestled too! I watched friends wrestle before we met and I loved it. I really loved learning more about it, the moves, the holds, the Cross-Face!! If you are a wrestling fan you will know that is pretty much an illegal move now, but then it wasn't. The three-in-one hold always got me out of trouble. (That is not a "real" hold. Just one I named when "Uncle" wouldn't work.) So most of our dating life we were wrestling, day and night.

Right before Christmas McD proposed, December 19th, 1991. We had only been dating 9 months, but I knew he was the one. I said YES! I was excited, my parents were excited, but my Grandparents were not excited. Actually, they were against it - completely against it. My Grandad made a really rude comment about our engagement, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Well, I found out. McD was with me when I found out. We called my Grandad on the phone to ask him about it and it got a little hairy. He asked us to come to the house to talk about it in person. So we did. When we got there, they had company. He had invited us to finish the conversation in front of company. McD didn't want to go in the house to hold the conversation in front of an audience so he asked me to bring my Grandad outside. I went in the house and told my Grandad that McD would like to talk to him outside instead of in front of everyone. I said it kind of quietly because I didn't think anyone needed to know our business. But I am sure they already knew. Grandad says, quite loudly I might add, "I'm not going out to the yard so some young whippersnapper can beat me up." I asked him what he was talking about, and told him that McD didn't want to fight him. Really, McD wanted to kick his old arse but tried to be the bigger person here. I ended up getting kicked out of the house, he took my keys, and told me I could pick up my stuff the next day and we left.

I immediately called my parents because I knew as soon as their company left my Grandad would be on the horn to my Dad. And sure enough. My Mom and I were discussing the whole ordeal and he beeped in. (I can't stand call waiting by the way.) So she clicked over, told him my Dad wasn't there right now and she would have him return the call. We talked for probably two hours or more, and he beeped in several times. Mom never told him that we were on the phone, but the last time he beeped in she told him that she had already talked to me.

During our conversation she asked me why McD and I didn't just go ahead and get married since we were going to get married later anyway. So much for a long engagement. I didn't want to tell McD what Mom had said, but somehow it got brought up and he agreed. So we planned our wedding. Since he had been divorced we had to go to the preacher so he could determine whether McD was right in getting his divorce (he was), and then went over the vows we wanted and set up a date and time.

Setting the date was pretty easy. It was the only day we didn't have something going with Wrestling. January 8th, 1992. We picked our best man and bride's maid, and they were happy to stand up with us. Then we started calling everyone. We didn't even have invitations, it was kind of a word of mouth kind of deal. But the grandparents were not invited. They weren't even told about it. My parents got off easy on my wedding, they paid the preacher $40. WooHoo! Hey, the preacher said that was the norm.

I told you all about the wrestling thing so I could tell you about McD's bachelor party. The night before we had a dual to go to. The wrestlers decided that they would have his bachelor's party on the bus on the way home. So they stopped at a convenience store and bought him some goodies. Pop and candy, it was a school event you know. I didn't get a bachelorette party, hmmm. Think I can throw one in now? The day of my wedding I woke up with the Flu! Yep, I coughed and hacked all the way through my wedding. I leaned on my Dad while he walked me down the aisle. Then I leaned on McD while we stood in front of the preacher and congregation (about 20 people). I didn't have a wedding dress, I wore jeans, a sweater and cowboy boots. He wore about the same thing just not a sweater, a regular button-down shirt. Our best man's son, the one that noticed me in church, and his sister shoe polished my new pick-up. Had to get a new ride since he wrecked my Beretta (that's for you SW). The boys shoe polished the glass on the screen door of the house and windows. Crazy kids! We were pulling in the driveway and there was Granny driving by our house! She honked like she was happy for us, but she was lucky we didn't flip her the bird. We were still pretty sour about the whole thing. Our wedding night, I slept on the couch and said, "Don't touch me!" several times. I always followed it up with, "I'm sorry."

That is the story about how we met, dated and got married. If you have questions about it feel free to ask. I might answer, I might not. LOL Just kidding. I will!

But I wanted to make sure you all know that all the problems with my Grandparents just went away. I don't think my Granny ever really started liking McD, but he never really started liking her either - but you couldn't tell. They get along mainly because they have to. Everyone is okay with it, and everyone acts like they like each other. LOL This is one of the things that floated under the bridge. We are all fine, and happy. Forgiveness is a great thing. Forgetting is the hard part.


Blogger SongBird said...

Thanks for the heads up!!! I rushed right back over. What a great ending to a great story! Well, the part about your grandparents is sad. Family members sure can hurt us, can't they? Enjoy your trip and be safe!

8/31/2006 11:15 PM  
Blogger Karmyn R said...

14 years later and still happily married - I bet your grandparents didn't see that coming!!!

(Have you really forgiven your grandparents - is your marriage a daily reminder of how wrong they were? or has time just made the anger fade?)


8/31/2006 11:20 PM  
Blogger M J said...

I never had a bachelorette party either. I feel a little ripped off.

Your wedding sounds perfect. I realllly hope you recovered quickly and had something of a honeymoon. The "don't touch me" part put a real damper on the mood, didn't it?

8/31/2006 11:27 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

MJ - Umm, never really had a honeymoon. Maybe one day, what should be a second honeymoon will really be our first. :) Costa Rica maybe!

Karmyn - Yes, we have really forgiven my grandparents. I am very close to them again. I see them as often as I can. I have traveled the world with my Granny (since all of that happened) and will probably travel with her some more. Family is very important to me and I think the past is the past. The ONLY reason I put that part of the story in there is because it happened, and it would have been a bit boring without it. LOL

I love my Grandparents, and I thank God for them all the time. We learn from things like that, or I like to think we do.

Oh and MJ - I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have time to write it all out in the morning. And I didn't want someone hunting me down on my trip. LOL NOW I am headed to bed!

Happy Moving to you MJ, I won't be on till next week or I would post it later!

8/31/2006 11:37 PM  
Blogger willowtree said...

Wow! I didn't see that coming. Too bad the old coot made things hard, but it did add spice to the story.

You remember how you were surprised when you saw I did line work because your dad was a linesman? Here's a news flash - ET is a high school wrestling coach!!

Have a great weekend, see you when you get back.

8/31/2006 11:44 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Some very interesting things in common

My hubby's grandmother was adament that he would NOT MARRY ME. They were not at the wedding. There were 8 plus us.

We puked together on our honeymoon.

The very first card the hubby gave me was about the cheesiest one I've ever seen, too. I think he just ran into the store and grabbed the last one off the shelf. I remember looking at it and then looking up at him and waiting for him to say April Fools.

Real life, real story - real people. I enjoyed the read very much.

9/01/2006 12:09 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Ca said...

Great story. Sounds like you two were meant to be together. Such a quick wedding and still together all these years later. I love a good story about how people fell in love!

9/01/2006 7:27 AM  
Blogger Cheeky said...

No Bachelorette party? Me either...I think we are due...don't you?

9/01/2006 7:41 AM  
Blogger Swampwitch said...

Hey Paul Harvey...oh, I mean Julie...what a wonderful "Rest of the Story"...nice to be married to a wrestler...huh? I love the line about whippersnapper and arse in the same Oklahoma colloquialism (sp?) combined with a WILLOWTREE colloquialism (sp?)...
And, thanks for answering my question about the write so well, I felt like I was standing there in my jeans and cowboy boots with you...I think more couples would be better off if they would have a wedding like they way you really are...the wedding lasts just a few hours...the marriage lasts a lifetime...well, maybe not for all of us... What you said about the Forgive/Forget is so true...Have a safe, happy weekend in the beautiful state of Colorado...and to answer your question (I think it was yours) about where I am, while you're in Creede (close to Lake City) you are only 2 hours from my little heaven on Earth.

9/01/2006 9:01 AM  
Blogger Debs said...

LOVE your story :) Nothing beats real life!! What is funny Jan. 8, 1993 I married my first hubby. That was a "mistake", the only good part is that I have 2 kids and got rid of him. *LOL*

It is easier to forgive than to forget.

9/01/2006 9:30 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

The good thing about waiting to read my peeps, is that these 1, 2 3 & 4 parters are about done by the time I get to 'em...then I can read them in succession and get the "rest of the story" NOW! :)

You've learned and lived the value of forgiveness; to hold a grudge weighs YOU down (the grudgholder), not the one for whom you hold it against. There's beauty in forgiveness, healing, redemption, so much more :). Think of all these "good times" you would've missed if you didn't let it go. Glad McD and your grands can see the benefit to "live and let live"; they've got you in common, so it IS important to find a way.

Nice story, 14 years is something in this day and time! Thanks for giving us the down and dirty :).

9/01/2006 10:28 AM  
Blogger Silly Hily said...

What a great story! And what a romance.
I bet your grandparents really do feel bad for saying such horrible things. Esp. since you and McD are still together and he has been there for you through a lot and yall are happy.

Okay Julie, if we (and when I say we, I mean anyone in this blogging world, including you other people up there who did not have a bachelorette party) are ever anywhere near each other you WILL have a bachelorette party. Even if all I do is host a "fun party." Yeah, I remember your comment about that. You MUST attend one at some point.

Have a good weekend and a safe/fun trip.

9/01/2006 11:06 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Interesting story. Others have said what I have thought, so I will just say that I, too, hate call waiting.

I can't even use it properly. I always end up hanging up on all involved.

Plus, don't you feel like an ass when you have to tell someone, "Um. excuse me for a sec, I have another call."

And you know that they are thinking that if you REALLY liked them, you would have ignored the other call.

9/01/2006 12:48 PM  
Blogger Susan in va said...

WOW! My mom and dad were pushing me down the aisle! I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you!

my w.v. is sphlub as in you poor sphlub!

9/01/2006 3:32 PM  
Blogger Shauna said...

I love your ending! It's so true!

Okay, come December we will have a GRADUATION/BACHLORETTE party! ! ! Sound good?

9/03/2006 9:18 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

Thanks for visiting me. I wish I had known you before you came to the Springs. I could've given you some great little known tourist tips. Just 3/4 mile from the Broadmoor is a house that used to be owned by a MD and after he retired he made gigantic metal sculptures that are on display in front of his house. A half block from there is Cheyene Cañon B & B which in the '20's was a house of ill repute run by the mayor of Manitou Springs wife!!

Anyway. I spent some time reading your pages and poking around. I enjoyed your stories and have put you in my 'favorites'.

Your Mr McDreamy is quite the handsome fella but don't worry....I won't put nary a single pinkie on him. I don't want me arse remodled!! ;0]

Hope to see you over at my place again and I'll be sure to visit!
Have a great Labor day and don't work too hard.

9/03/2006 11:08 PM  
Blogger Tiggerlane said... bachelorette party for me, either!! Can I come to yours???

I had always dreamed of a big fancy wedding, but then, realized how silly it would be to spend all that money. We had a simple ceremony, too. And we are just as married, 13 years and counting.

My uncle was the same as your Grandpa - and he was NOT invited to the wedding, either. He did NOT like the idea of me marrying someone 15 years older than myself. All is made up for, as the following year, his new bride was 15 years younger than him! Since he is the only relative within 1,500 miles of me - it was tough at first. But he got over it!

9/04/2006 9:38 PM  

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