Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, but how many people can say what their biggest pet peeve is? It is tough.

I would say my biggest pet peeve is people smacking. Smacking their gum. Smacking their food. Just smacking when they talk. Smacking. When I was a kid and we would all be sitting around the dinner table my Dad would tell us that we would have to get up from the table if we kept smacking our food. If we were chewing gum, and we were smacking - you guessed it. We had to spit the gum out. I didn't notice it too much as a kid but my Mom smacks all the frickin' time. I can just look at her and she will stop. It drives me bonkers!!!

But then there are always other pet peeves that seem pretty big when they happen. I am on the road all the time it seems. It drives me crazy when people don't use their blinkers. Oh, left lane drivers!! Don't they know that the left lane is the fast lane. Not lollygagger lane. I saw a pick-up one time that had a bumper sticker saying, "I hate left-laners."

Just a couple more. Lack of respect. Moochers. Liars. Wafflers. I really can't think of anything else. You have to understand. I had to make a list of things that bug me each time something bugged me. I could not think of any the day the question came up. So I worked on that one for a little while.

One thing that I do like. (I could go on and on about stuff I do like!) :) Today as I was driving home from class I was passed by a really nice 2006 Ford Mustang. I was going the speed limit because I am a chicken and I can't afford a speeding ticket. I can't get a small ticket, it is either all or nothing and I will go with nothing for now. Anyway, this person passed me like I was sitting still. I looked at them and thought, "I wish you would get pulled over." It seems like everytime someone flies by me there isn't a cop or a Hi-Po around. Well today there was! I literally laughed out loud when I passed them stopped on the side of the road with the officer getting his information. :) HeeHee

Another good thing that happened today. Now remember that I am a non-traditional student, meaning I am an old person (to the typical college student) and I am trying to go back to school so I can get a real job. Anyway, last semester I happened to see a guy that I went to school with, high school. We graduated the same year, but he moved and did not graduate from the same school. We caught up last year and then I never saw him again. Today I heard some one yell, "Julie." I didn't want to turn around because, what if they weren't yelling at me. So I didn't. I just kept walking and thought to myself I would look at the reflection in the window and see who it was. It was Brian! Now Brian was born with a deformity. I guess that is what you would call it. He is just a normal guy, size and all, but his arms are really small. I don't know what it is called and to be honest I am not sure what I would search for on Google to find out. So that is my description. It was hard not to know who he was immediately when I saw him last semester. He is a great guy. I always liked him. Drivers Ed wasn't too much fun with him, scary actually, but after we got used to his driving we all settled down. We did the typical thing of putting HELP signs in the window and stuff. He knows, he laughed. :) We live in the same area now, he lives in town though. He just got married, but I haven't met her yet. He went to school, graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and couldn't find a good job so now he is studying to be an Architect.

So I really had a good day. Now I just wish McD would hurry back home from Colorado. He made a mad dash up there tonight and I wish he was home.


Blogger C. said...

You know, every time I drive, I get a mental list the people that speed up so you can't merge in front of them!! Oh, that one kills me!! On the other hand, I love, love, love the ones that will switch lanes for you to merge!

9/07/2006 11:52 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I hate the ones that pass you and do one of two things:
pull over immediately in front of you so you feel the urge to brake

pull over and slow down

PS. I knew a girl with short arms... and the meanies (not me) called her T-REX

word ver. what I say when people pass me and cut in front of me

9/08/2006 12:03 AM  
Blogger willowtree said...

C- I'm with you! I hate when pricks do that.

I don't know what that 'short arm' thing is called but I had a really good friend who had it too.
I have heard tight wads refered to as having short arms and long pockets but that's another matter

Aren't those '06 Ponies sweet!!!!

9/08/2006 12:04 AM  
Blogger Karmyn R said...

I HATE left-laners. Just the thought of them pushes me into insantiy.

Love the fact that the Mustang got pulled over. Justice!!!

When does McD get home?

9/08/2006 12:43 AM  
Blogger Shauna said...

Wow! You did do a post on my question! LOL

I'm with you ALL THE WAY on the smacking! ! ! I go livid! I just want to reach across and slap the person doing it. . .unfortunately in restaurants you can't do that. . .LOL

I'm happy and smiling really big with the Mustang getting pulled over. . .I say that all the time over here. . .You know what it's like to drive over here. . .When you want our cops (especially with the new Charger) they aren't here. . .

I hope McD's trip wasn't an emergency. . .

9/08/2006 7:02 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Right there with you on smackers, and guess who's the biggest offender in my life? MY HUSBAND!! And I know his momma taught him better ;).

We're kindred pet peevers...all yours match mine. This one made me smile bigtime.

9/08/2006 8:39 AM  
Blogger Debs said...

I HATE SMACKERS!! Thing 1 and Thing 2 don't smack too much around me at least. LOL Robo Cop...another story.

9/08/2006 10:32 AM  
Blogger Swampwitch said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has that pet peeve. The worse are the ones who have this pet peeve but do it themselves. Rules for themselves and a separate list of rules for everyone else. Double standard type thing.

9/08/2006 10:57 AM  
Blogger Silly Hily said...

OH my gosh, Robin, me too or mine too! I hate smackers but my husband does it. He's Italian and they love their food and don't care how they eat it, as long as it gets in their bellies. Drives me bonkers.
And slow pokes who drive in the left lane, ugh!
Another fellow pet peever here.

9/08/2006 11:13 AM  
Blogger SongBird said...

I don't like smackers either. Our school board president sat on the stage at graduation one year and smacked gum through the entire ceremony; even when he was handing out the diplomas. I thought it looked awful. So unprofessional and inappropriate to the occasion.

I also loved it one time when my mom and I were on a trip and I was driving. A van started following me and he was right on my bumper. I was driving about 5 MPH over the speed limit, but the van had several opportunities to pass me and he didn't. It was driving me crazy. A state trooper passed us going the opposite direction and he immediately did a U-turn and pulled the van over. It was a classic moment!!

9/08/2006 8:07 PM  
Blogger M J said...

My pet peeve would have to the sound my dog makes when he is chewing at his skin or paws. It makes me quiver until my skin falls off.

9/08/2006 8:48 PM  
Blogger Karmyn R said...

Right with MJ - or the sound of a cat getting ready to barf up a hairball. ALso a petpeeve sound (and now we know why it is called pet peeve....ha!)

9/08/2006 9:05 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Marnie reminded me of when our Rottweiler would lick himself.

I would yell "KARL!" and he would looke at me and stop.... for just a minute and then start up again. I had forgotten all about that.

I quit chewing gum because the hubby told me I smacked.

Last month we had 3 guest speakers at church... none professional... and two of them were smacking gum while they talked. I was trying to listen to their stories, but it was difficult to overcome the smacking. I hope they had an opportunity to listen to the tape later. They'll be mortified

9/09/2006 9:46 AM  
Blogger M J said...

Did McD come home or have you been abducted by aliens? I think this is the longest I have been without a Julie post. I'm having separation anxiety.

Going to go chew my paws now.

9/10/2006 12:29 AM  
Blogger Swampwitch said...

Also having separation anxiety like MJ...where are you? hope everything is ok... tell the aliens we need you.

9/10/2006 2:19 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

C - I am right there with you. I also get irritated when people do not pull into the other lane when there is a car stopped along the highway.

Pamela - the meanies called Brian that too. It made me want to be that much nicer to him. Then I emailed one of my hs friends and told her that I saw him and she called him T-Rex. I haven't responded to her and am thinking I won't. That is just mean. And she knows I don't like it.

WT - YES! '06 Ponies ARE sweet!

Karmyn - McD came home Friday. He had to go back to be "Dad" and then he came right back home. I was just missing him. How silly is that?

MJ & Swampwitch - Man, I take one trip with the aliens and you guys freak out. :) Thanks! I kept meaning to post but I am studying for tests. And I had to go to a little guy's 5th birthday party. But I'mmm Baacckk!!

9/10/2006 8:44 AM  

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